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Formarea de facilitatori de Constelatii Familiale CUu Barbara Morgan,22-26 ianuarie

In perioada 22-26 ianuarie 2010 , va oferim primul modul din programul de formare de facilitatori de Constelatii Familiale condus de Barbara Morgan ( ) .
Costul participarii la fiecare din cele 3 module a 5 zile este de 250 euro . La fiecare dintre aceste module exista posibilitatea inscrierii a maxim 10 persoane din exteriorul grupului , carora li se vor lucra constelatiile in primele doua zile de workshop .Costul participarii in acest caz este de 100 euro . Urmatoarele 3 zile sunt rezervate exclusiv trainingului grupului nucleu , aflat in formare .
Relatii si inscrieri la , 0722 539 123 , 0747 062 981 .
In curand vom posta si traducerea textului de mai jos :

Coming Home
Healing the Family Soul
Based on Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations

Background to Constellation Work

Describing a constellation in words is not an easy process. It is an experience which is profound and touches the deepest places in ourselves.

I call my workshops Coming Home: Healing the Family Soul.

The idea is that a lot of our current suffering is directly linked to the events of the past in our families and the actions of our ancestors. It helps to see that the family is a system which needs to be in balance in order to thrive – just like nature. And just as in nature, many things have happened which have upset the balance of our families and we and our children and grandchildren are feeling the effects. If you see love as flowing down through the generations just like a river flows to the ocean, then what happens is that there are boulders in the river and some of them are immediately visible and may or may not be able to be removed; others are not visible and may become so through a constellation. Then our job is to see if it is possible to remove these boulders so that the river of love can flow freely once more. Sometimes it just isn’t possible and we have to find a way to come to a deep level of acceptance of what is.

In a group situation we can choose members of the group to represent members of our family and sometimes abstract concepts like: war, love, truth, a secret or a part of ourselves. We place these people in the middle of the group according to our intuition and then the representatives begin to experience sensations, an urge to move or deep emotions related to the person they are representing. By looking at the shape of the constellation and seeing and sometimes hearing the experiences of the representatives, it is possible to begin the process of seeing if we can uncover and/or remove the boulder. Healing sentences provide a ritual for opening the heart and ‘coming home’.

The effects of the constellation are sometimes immediate and dramatic and can be felt by members of our family not present at the workshop. More often the changes are gradual and can take anything up to a year to have an effect. Sometimes, there is no effect at all and this can be for all sorts of reasons. Surprising though it may seem, it can be difficult to let go of our stories and our suffering.

Bert Hellinger’s original philosophy was that this work would be freely evolving and not come under any fixed methodology and you are therefore encouraged to gain as much breadth of experience as you can.

This training will reflect that breadth and you are encouraged to wait till the latter stages of the training before deciding on a particular way of working which suits you and your own personality.


It is becoming increasingly accepted that a large number of us have been traumatised in our early years; some of us have experienced direct trauma whilst others have been disturbed in our bonding to our mothers as a result of earlier traumas in the family system. This is an important aspect of constellation work and will be focused on in some detail in the latter stages of the training, once the basic concepts and ideas are integrated.

Coming Home
Healing the Family Soul
Based on Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations

Basic Training
Bucharest, Romania
Facilitated by Barbara Morgan

Overall Structure:

3 x 5 day modules in January, June and November 2010
1 evening – introduction to the constellation work
2 days open workshop
3 days closed training group
Evening seminars

This training will be based around the apprenticeship model but adapted for use in 3x5 day blocks. Of the 5 days, 2 will be an open workshop where you will get the opportunity to do your own work but also to act as representative in other people’s constellation – a vital part of becoming a constellations facilitator.

There will be an introduction to the work on the first evening and during the training, evening seminars with use of dvds will be provided as an optional extra.

As preparation for this training, you are asked to write an essay describing your relationship with your parents, family traumas and significant events in your own history or in your family’s history and how you think they may be impacting on your life today. (around 3,000 words). If possible, this essay should be written in English. For those for whom English is too difficult, you are asked to make your own private arrangements for translation.

You are also asked, where possible, to begin reading material about constellation work. If you speak and read English, I recommend Love’s Hidden Symmetry as a starting point. You will be given a full recommended reading list at the beginning of the training.

You can do the training in a flexible way but you need to do the Basic Module 1 before moving on to any subsequent ones. After this training, there will be an ongoing overlap of each module to facilitate the flexibility of the training.

Module 1

On Module 1 we will look at the basic approach and underlying attitude needed in order to facilitate constellations covering the following key areas:

1. Introducing the work – background knowledge and understanding. How to talk about it to others.
2. Thinking systemically.
3. The phenomenological approach.
4. The Orders.
5. Presence.

Module 2

1. Self and group awareness and boundaries.
2. Focusing on the body as the prime ‘memory’ for constellations. How to help clients stay away from concepts and ideas, without disempowering them. Use of guided imagery, self-awareness and other exercises to help this process.
3. Taming the ‘superego’.
4. The initial interview, what to look out for, basic attitude, building the relationship with the client.

Module 3

1. Recognising and learning how to deal with trauma and potential re-traumatisation
2. Primary and secondary feelings
3. Conscience

The overall format of the training will be that the morning will be dedicated to discussion and practical exercises, mostly in small groups and the afternoon will be personal constellations, with feedback and discussion in between.

In keeping with the overall ethos of constellation work, the training will take the form of a self-motivated process with help from peers and myself.

You are invited to keep a journal of your progress throughout the training, looking at areas you feel good about and areas where you feel you may need between modules are strongly recommended.

Some people learn best by ‘doing’ so there will be ample opportunity for people to have a go themselves, with various aspects of facilitation, leading eventually to facilitating a whole constellation when you are ready.

Once this initial training is underway, it is recommended that people do at least 2 constellation workshops before embarking on a training.

Staying true to the apprenticeship model, following the initial training, we will set up apprenticeships i.e. in each workshop one very experienced facilitator, one experienced facilitator and a beginning facilitator, so the work can be transmitted as effectively as possible.

You will be asked for feedback at the end of the training so that we can build a training which truly responds to the requirements of the field.

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Evenimente de Constelatii Familiale

Dragi prieteni ,
Iata ca ne apropiem cu pasi repezi de inceputul formarii de facilitatori de Constelatii Familiale ca Ritual , cu Cornelia Nicola Sindhu Niza ( website ) .
Primul astfel de modul de formare va avea loc in Bucuresti , in perioada 11-15 decembrie 2009 , la Centrul de Dezvoltare personala “ Casa Sufletului “, aflat pe strada Prevederii , nr14-18, la vila nr.17 ,Statia Metrou 1 decembrie 1918 ,linga Piata Trapezului ( zona Balta Alba ) . Relatii suplimentare despre cum puteti ajunge la aceasta locatie puteti obtine de la dna Cristina Stanescu (tel 0741 21 61 41).
Programarea celorlalte module va fi reconfirmata in timpul acestor zile , altminteri programul pentru 2010 este in mare parte finalizat si postat la adresa de web : .
Ca si noutati recente , a aparut si posibilitatea participarii dvs la aceasta formare cu plata in rate lunare pe parcursul anului . Pentru a primi detalii suplimentare va invit sa imi scrieti sau sa ma sunati ( , 0722 539 123 , 0747 062 981 ) .
La fiecare astfel de modul de formare , Cornelia va primi cate maxim 10 persoane din afara grupului , carora le va lucra cate o constelatie in seara de vineri si ziua de sambata . Daca doriti sa participati in aceasta calitate , deasemeni va rog sa ma contactati pentru detalii .

La aceasta ora mai exista inca posibilitatea de a va inscrie , atat in programul de formare , cat si pentru a primi o constelatie in regim de persoana exterioara grupului de formare .

Cu ocazia acestei vizite in Romania , Cornelia ne va oferi si oportunitatea de a ne inscrie in I.S.C.A. ( International Systemic Constellations Association ) , o asociatie internationala ce promoveaza munca de Constelatii Familiale , de care speram ca vom fi sustinuti cu materiale , sponsorizari etc . Ea face parte din membrii fondatori si din comitetul pentru noi directii de dezvoltare a I.S.C.A. , si in aceasta calitate ne poate fi in mod special de folos in deszvoltarea comunitatii celor interesati si iubitori de Constelatii Familiale din Romania .

Exista cateva lucruri pe care cu drag va invit sa le faceti pentru a putea mentine legatura in cele mai bune conditii si a fi cat mai bine informati de cele ce se intampla in aceasta zona la noi , si anume :

-Va invit cu drag sa va inscrieti in grupul Yahoo „ Constelatii Familiale ” daca nu ati facut-o deja ( linkul este : ) . Eu o sa va si dau o invitatie personala pentru a va alatura acestei liste de discutii care in principiu e dedicata evenimentelor de Constelatii Familiale , experientelor noastre personale in acest domeniu si resurselor de genul carti, articole , materiale video etc .

-Deasemeni va invit sa urmariti blogul , intrucat si acolo vom posta atat anunturile pentru diversele cursuri de constelatii pe care le organizam , cat si noi articole traduse , contributiile voastre ( feedback-uri , experiente personale etc ) .

Va rog sa forwardati acest mesaj tuturor persoanelor pe care le stiti interesate de a invata mai multe despre Constelatiile Familiale .